Mama Afrika offers beautiful wax print family accessories which can be cherished the whole year round. The collection is designed in Switzerland and hand-crafted in small series by local Malian women, near Bamako.

The wax prints, a noble and traditional material of the region, are sourced on the local markets in Bamako and transformed into Mama Afrika’s truly unique pieces.


The brand works closely with the Mali-Suisse association, a Sewing training center for women which was founded in 2005. To financially support “the Dembagnouman – Centre de Formation de Couture”, the professional seamstresses produce our colorful accessories and clothes in their atelier. Every product from Mama Afrika is sewed by a professional who also works as a teacher at the Training Center. They pass on their know-how to other women, forming the next generation of semstresses.

The association has already trained 250 women to a professional level in Mali, constructed a health center and helped with the Infrastructure of the city. The women within the organization are given opportunities to learn a profession and get empowered in their society and families.

Mama Afrika’s goal is to help to maintain the structure of the training center and to support a sustainable growth of the association apart from bringing the customers joy with their outstanding products.